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A-2501-A2 DAB/AM/FM Splitter

DAB/AM/FM Splitter

Electrical Characteristics
Frequency Range 525~1605KHz / 88~108MHz / 174~240MHz
Impedence 50 Ohm
VSWR 2.0 (typical)
Gain 10dB / 10dB / 20dB ±3dB
Noise Figure 2.0 (typical)
Input Voltage 9~16VDC (or 21~28VDC)
Current Consumption 30mA (at 12V)
Cable RG-174
Connector Din-Plug(AM/FM) / SMB(DAB)

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With this adapter, you can turn a standard AM / FM antenna into an antenna that can receive both AM / FM radio and digital audio broadcast (DAB / DAB +) radio. It has a DAB antenna output, a DAB input that can be plugged into the radio, and a standard antenna output for AM / FM stations.

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